PART 46: Would you know what a pedophile looked like?

Later on, we’d find out that these were sex offenders, pedophiles, nonses or whatever word you want to call these sick bastards….but at that time I didn’t know what offence they’d committed when they walked past – I was just looking at them and just thinking shit, this place does not look good, as they shuffled past outside with their heads hung down low!


‘Now calm down Pierce, let’s not get out of control’! the Govenor said calmly…….I stood there and hurled more abuse at them, screaming obscenities……The Governor looked me up and down and then in a much deeper tone of voice, like he really meant business this time he growled…..


PART 44: You can’t change what’s happened in life, you have to deal with the aftermath as best as you can!


I hadn’t had anything sweet for days, they were only the plain digestives but i was so looking forward to eating them. On my way back to my cell I walked past this muscle bound skinhead, who only just decided to turn around and closely follow me back, as I walked in proceeded to push me into the cell and then push the door shut behind him, he looked menacingly at me and then growled……….


I do recall the Judge saying that I’m going to be sentenced to jail for 18 months and then banging his hammer down – security guards surrounded me and off I was taken to the Old Bailey cells…………..

PART 42:My days keep getting darker as paranoia takes a firm grip….


‘Richard, the police are here!’ ‘What do they want?’ I inquired, ‘something about driving’  Mum whispered…’FOR GODS SAKE, DON’T TELL THEM I’M DRIVING!!’ I screamed!!!!

Part 41: Possibly the lowest point in my life…..& I’m only 24!

What happens if the Police contact my insurance company and find out that I’ve re-taken my test???……..OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO JAIL FOREVER!!!

Part 40: In life the writing is on the wall……but sometimes you just can’t read it!

I was banned for a year by the courts and instead of taking my punishment like a man, I decided to re-take my driving test again so that I could continue driving………..

Part 39: A cop came in, stopped the interview & said, “I’m sorry to tell you but the man you hit is DEAD”

In life you always get two choices at anytime, the path you choose will be the right one or the wrong one! Which ever path you decide to go down will ultimately turn out to be the right one because once you choose, there’s no going back – so choose carefully!

Part 38: Clocks ticking & the countdown to jail is on…….

I mean Tango was very cute and completely different to Sophie, you couldn’t have met to more completely polar opposites – Tango knew about Sophie , but Sophie knew nothing about Tango apart from she was a receptionist where I worked……..

Part 37: This time I’m convinced that I’m going to jail…….

They told me that they didn’t actually think that it was me who’d stolen the car, they were convinced that I’d just bought a cloned car. Dam, if only I’d known then what I know now……..